5 Tips On How To Find Military Approved Rental Housing On Guam

Military housing is provided for all service members, whether they’re living on or off base.

Important Do’s & Don’ts For The First Time Homebuyer In Guam

If you’re on the fence about investing in property in Guam, perhaps this is the best time to seriously consider it.

7 Important Features To Look For When Buying a House in Guam

Guam is an island that can easily take anyone’s breath away.

Vote for Ellen’s Realty as the Best Real Estate Company in the Pika Best of Guam 2018

Hagåtña, Guam — Ellen’s Realty, a Guam based company has been recently nominated as Best Real Estate Company i

Storm Preparedness On Guam: A Complete Guide

Storms or typhoons can be windy, wet and even wild. They can cut off power and water, uproot trees and power lines.

7 Things To Consider When Buying A Foreclosed Property

Buying a foreclosed property can be a great way to bag an awesome deal.

A Guide For Chinese Real Estate Investors In Guam

There have been a significant influx of interested Chinese investors in Guam.

First-Time Guam Home Buyer’s Dos & Don’ts

Acquiring a home for the first time can be one of the most important and exciting decisions anyone can make.

9 Ways To Effectively Save Energy At Home

From simple habitual or routine adjustments to extensive home improvements, there are many different ways to save energy

Home Renovation: Know When To DIY or Call An Expert

There are many projects around the home that can be quite dangerous to undertake without the necessary formal training.

House & Lot or Condo? 6 Factors To Consider Before You Decide

Property investment in Guam can be very exciting and rewarding.

Loan Application Guide For Real Estate Investment in Guam

So you’ve fallen in love with Guam. You’ve decided to make it a second home by making an investment on the island.

6 Reasons Why You Should Consult A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Property

There is just so much information readily available online these days, making people feel like they’re “instant expe

Home Safety 101: Common Safety Hazards and How To Prevent Them

It is always top priority to create a safe environment for your family at home.

How To Spot A Good Property Investment in Guam

Every property investor in Guam wants a good deal on their real estate purchase.

The Anatomy Of A Reliable Real Estate Agent

There are many available services that help property buyers and sellers carry out their own real estate transactions, an

6 Ways To Profit From Your Real Estate Property

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Real estate is perhaps one of the best ways to earn money and build

10 Tips To Increase Your Real Estate Property Value

The growth of the real estate market is dependent on various factors.

What to Inquire About Before Buying Property in Guam

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The real estate industry is booming in Guam.

The 5 Biggest Real Estate Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Real estate is a tangible asset with typically very low boundaries.

Understanding Guam Real Estate With These 5 Tips

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With a dynamic real estate market predicted to continue on through t

What You Need To Know About Military Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)

Guam’s location and its topography is of strategic significance to naval nations in the Pacific Ocean.

Everything You Need To Know About Foreign Property Ownership In Guam

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Guam has grown and developed significantly over the years.

5 Reasons Why Guam Is the Top Choice for Military Relocation

In Guam, the United States has maintained a military presence since 1898 when Spanish authorities surrendered to the U.

5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Guam

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The idea of moving to a small tropical island in the far Western Nor

A Buyer’s Guide To Guam Real Estate

The property buying process is often described as an experience that is both exciting and equally stressful that you’l

3 Reasons Why Guam Real Estate Investments Are Lucrative

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Guam is an island full of many surprises.

Ellen’s Realty Guam Launches Its New Website

Ellen’s Realty Guam (Ellen’s), Guam’s leading and most efficient property management provider, has recently ve