Let us manage your properties for you!

Ellen's Realty strives to provide the most Professional, Effective and Efficient Property Management Service available on Guam. With a committed staff, profound networking capabilities, tools and management strategies primed, we can manage your property regardless of size,type, or existing condition.

Ellen's Realty focuses its attention to providing comprehensive Property Management programs or selected Property Management services to meet specific needs of each client. Our Property Management can initiate what is necessary for maximizing income stream, reducing expenses, lowering vacancy rates, and successfully improving overall performance of your investment. Our commitment is to maximize the long term profitability for our owners, while maintaining quality housing for our tenants.

Listed below are a few of the many Property Management Services we provide:

Obtaining a tenant

Ellen's Realty screens potential tenants based on company guidelines. Ellen's Realty negotiates leases on terms established by owner and executes such leases on behalf of the owner.

Collect Rent

Tenants can pay rent via direct deposit from their banking institution, via mail or directly to our office. Rents are due on the first and considered late after the 5th, at which time late fees are assessed. In the unlikely event that a Tenant is unable to pay rent, and an eviction is necessary, Ellen's Realty manages this process for you.

Maintenance Requests

A well maintained property not only enjoys a greater value but it also promotes Tenant loyalty and therefore reduced turnover costs. Tenants contact Ellen's Realty directly for all maintenance requests and we coordinate with our Maintenance Technician or if needed the Vendors and Tenants to ensure appropriate handling. In the event of major maintenance and repair items, Ellen's Realty will provide multiple bids for your review and approval.

Pay Bills

Ellen's Realty pays all maintenance invoices as well as recurring payments, where applicable, such as mortgages, common area fees, utilities, etc. from gross income collected.

Full Record Keeping

Full accounting records are maintained for all properties including Tenant Ledgers, Maintenance Ledgers, Owners Income Statement and Cash Flow summary.

Regular Statements

Statements, together with copies of invoices, are prepared and sent out on a monthly basis. An annual end of year statement is also provided.


Monthly financial disbursements are made to property Owners either by check or depositing their proceeds directly into a local banking institution on Guam.

Maintenance Reviews

Written Maintenance Reviews/Recommendations are prepared on each property on regular or needed basis.

Lease & House Rules Enforcement

Terms of the Lease and any house rules are enforced in a fair and professional manner.

Move Out and Turn

Marketing is started as soon as we receive notice from the Tenant and your instructions. When the Tenant vacates, a written Move Out Condition Report is prepared and compared to the Move In Condition report. The Tenant is held responsible for any damages and Ellen's Realty coordinates all turnover maintenance and Security Deposit accordingly.

Other services

Ellen's Realty can prepare and submit local Gross Receipt Tax (GRT) on behalf of the owner, Apply and connect utility services needed for a property. Assist with government affiliation inspection, assist owner in obtaining or renewing property business license.

Please contact us today for more information about how Ellen's Realty Property Management can personalize a property management service with you.