Relocation for Military

The military has many responsibilities. Their primary duty, however, is to protect the citizens of the United States, the territory and its interests. If we take a closer look at what they really do, it’s actually a lot more than just fighting for their country. Other military missions include:   

  • Rescue operations
  • Medical assistance in impoverished areas
  • Food & humanitarian relief
  • Security at embassies and other locations
  • Policing in volatile areas
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Law enforcement
  • Piracy and drug interdiction

To top it off, the military is also considered  the nation’s largest company of international ambassadors. Being a member of the military is definitely no small feat, and it is no surprise that the American people extend whatever support and appreciation they can for their soldiers.

Being in the military also means being moved around a lot and there are some who make their way to Guam. Getting settled in a new environment is always a challenge but moving to Guam might be a more of a great opportunity for you and your family. Here’s why:

The Climate

The temperature in Guam is consistent throughout the year. It’s almost always nice and warm (about high 80’s Fahrenheit), but can feel hotter than it really is because of the humidity levels. It tends to get a little cooler around January through March.

Guam has only 2 seasons, the wet season (July to December) and the dry season (January to June). The difference between the seasons is actually very subtle. During the dry season, the winds are usually more intense than usual. The weather gets dry enough that makes the grass turn brown. During the wet season, it rains several times a day. Guam is mostly sunny even in the rainy season. It’s rare that the sky is gray or overcast with rain all day.

Health and Medical

Guam has hardly any cases of malaria, rabies or any other tropical diseases like yellow fever or sleeping sickness. An occasional case of dengue fever may turn up, but all isolated cases that was perhaps caught off the island. There are a good number of world-class doctors working in Guam. You can rest easy knowing that the island is well-equipped with the right facilities and machinery to treat almost all health cases.


Being on the “typhoon alley,” the island is a common path for weather disturbances when they form. But Guam is exceptionally well-prepared for these types of weather disturbances. People are educated about how to prepare for an incoming typhoon. The government issues warnings about 2 or 3 days before its arrival and people begin tracking the eye and start stocking up on food and supplies.Guam’s homes are typically made to withstand typhoons and earthquakes.They both functional and aesthetic at the same time.


Military member moving to Guam would be pleased to know that extensive services are available that cater to their specific needs to make the move as smooth as possible. Ellen’s Realty has a wide inventory of houses and condominiums validated by a housing office near the air force or Navy Base. For off-base housing, a reliable team will help make sure that you work within your approved Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA).

A system is likewise in place to assist military personnel to secure your Veterans Administration Home Loan (VA Loan). A professional team understands how important this military benefit is and will help you maximize this privilege by securing a 100% VA loan from a VA approved bank.

There are many things to look forward to in your relocation to Guam that you and your family will enjoy. The people of Guam are warm and friendly, the culture rich and intense. The food is delectable, and the scenery all around you simply amazing. Settling in Guam might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

If you’re looking for assistance with your relocation to Guam, our professional agents at Ellen’s Realty are more than happy to serve you. Click on this link to get in touch with us.

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