Rent Your Property

How To Get Your Guam Property Rented

You’ve found your place in Guam and have fallen in love with all the beautiful scenery, the culture and the wonderful people. Investing your time and money in a place like this is perhaps the best decision you’ve ever made. To make your efforts worthwhile, you’ll need to get the property rented out.

We’re Here to Help You

Ellen’s Realty has been helping property renters in Guam since 1997. With their large pool of real estate agents, you can be assured that exceptional service will be rendered to all their clients, as they are all well-seasoned, professional and highly trained. Their negotiation skills and extensive knowledge of landlord-tenant laws will go a long way in helping you find the tenants that are the best fit for you.

Tenant screening and all the details related to renting your property is not a simple as it seems. If you’re not sure how to go about how to get your Guam property rented, these simple guidelines might be helpful


Choosing an agent

Ellen’s Realty has an expert team of well-seasoned sales agents. Each one has their own special skill set and personality. This step in the rental process is perhaps the most important. You have to find an agent that you’re comfortable working with. You should feel that you can freely and effectively communicate with your agent, who will ultimately assist you in carrying out your goals.


Determine your asking price

Your agent will be able to provide you with all the information concerning the Guam real estate market. Use this data to help you determine your price correctly. Always be honest with your real estate agent about your needs and expectations.


Go over the marketing plan

Your appointed real estate agent will provide you with a detailed marketing plan that outlines every action that will be done to ensure that your get your property rented out at the soonest possible time.


Review the marketing schedule

After discussing the marketing plan, you will be presented with a marketing schedule. This outlines the timelines and frequency of all your media campaigns.


Sign the Listing Agreement

This document formalizes your agreement with your realtor. It allows them to begin the execution of the marketing plan in your behalf.


Get exposed

Ellen’s Realty is a proud member of the Guam Multiple Listing Service (MLS), where your property will be listed and exposed to all the members throughout the island and around the world. Depending on the details of your marketing plan, property exposure may extend to several well-known realty publications.

Because a lot of people begin their search for good rental properties online, many come across Ellen’s Realty webpage, which is a premium one-stop shop for those searching for property to rent. The site is easy to navigate and is up to date with the latest listings and covers almost all of the prime areas on the island. By signing up with Ellen’s you can be sure to find the right tenant for your property in no time.


Show your property

Real estate agents will now begin to show your property to as many potential tenants as possible. Your agent will give you a list of things to do to prepare your property for each showing, depending on the profile of the potential tenant coming to visit. This way you can showcase your property in the best light


Review the offers

Expect to receive more than just a few offers for your rental property. These offers are consolidated by your realtor and presented to you in writing with details of all the terms and conditions. Together with your agent, discuss the pros and cons of each offer. Work out a strategy on how to move forward with the negotiations.


Survey current conditions

Contracts are usually dependent on the work to be done on the property before move-in. Sometimes there are cases where inspections by 3rd parties are also required. Your real estate agent should be able to coordinate these efforts and make the effort run as smooth as possible.


Close the deal and move-in

As soon as all the conditions of the contract have been met, the tenant can move in. You will receive copies of all the documents related to your lease as well as a move-in report.