Sell Your Property

How To Get Your Guam Property Sold

Selling your property in Guam is not as simple as just placing a “For Sale” sign and going to closing. One of the biggest mistakes is attempting to see the property on your own. Many sellers resort to this in an effort to save on fees.

What these sellers don’t realize is that they may have saved a few bucks, but they have only a handful of purchase offers. The reason is because real estate is a personalized business. Real estate agents all around Guam usually work with each other to find each other buyers. An individual seller may attract a few potential buyers on his own, but will not attract as many candidates as an established agency. The more potential buyers, you increase the likelihood of getting the price you want.

We’re Here to Help You

Ellen’s Realty has been helping property owners in Guam since 1997. Their real estate agents are seasoned and trained in providing only exceptional service to their clients. They are highly proficient on the local real estate regulations that must be addressed in each sale. Working around these regulations can be an impossible task for someone lacking experience in selling property.They also possess a variety of resources to help create the right marketing plan to help get your property sold.

To give you a clearer picture of the entire selling process, we’ve summarized it here for you:


Choosing an agent

Ellen’s Realty has a team of highly experienced sales agents. Each one has their own special set of selling skills and personality type to suit a wide variety of clients. It’s essential to choose an agent that you’re comfortable with and can effectively communicate your goals with.


Determine your asking price

Your real estate agent should be able to provide you with information on current Guam real estate market data that can help you establish an asking price properly. Feel free to let your realtor your needs and expectations. It is his primary objective to help you get what you want the most out of the property you’re selling.


Create a marketing plan

The real estate agent will present to you a detailed marketing plan. This document outlines the entire process that will help get your property sold.


Draft a marketing schedule

After discussing the marketing plan, you will be presented with a marketing schedule. This is a calendar of events and timelines of all the web-based, print and multi-media campaigns that will help get your property sold.


Sign a Listing Agreement

This is a formal document that confirms that you’ve appointed the real estate agency to execute the marketing plan.


Advertise your property

Ellen’s Realty is a member of the Guam Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and is capable of providing the necessary exposure of your property for sale to all members throughout the island and around the world. Your marketing plan may also include advertising your property in a few notable publications.


Show the property

Your real estate agent will show your property to as many potential buyers as possible. You will receive from your agent a list of things to prepare in your home for each showing. This way, you allow your home to be presented in the best light possible.


Review the offer

Whenever your agent receives an offer for your property, he will submit it to you in writing, with the terms and conditions detailed. He will then discuss with you in depth regarding the pros and cons of the offer. He will also strategize with you on how to move forward with the negotiations, keeping in mind your needs and goals.


Review the conditions

Contracts are usually dependent on financing, home inspection and/or appraisals. Your real estate agent will coordinate all these efforts to make the process as smooth as possible.


Close the deal

As soon as all the conditions of the contract are met and satisfied, and the title has been proven clear, the transaction is now ready to close. You will receive your funds and the closing documents.